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Course 101 is Basic Hypnosis. No Pre-Requisite is Required.  Take this course if you have a fascination about hypnosis and want to learn how to help yourself and others.  Different depths will be taught to learn how to use  hypnosis to help motivate people to Stop Smoking, Control Weight, Control Stress and help many other changes in yourself and others.  Click Hypnosis 101 above for detailed information on MTIOH Course 101 Basic Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.  Use this as a Pre-Requisite to take Course #102.

Course 101 Basic Hypnosis Basic Hypnotherapy – No prior experience is needed to learn how to use the subconscious mind to perform hypnotherapy.  No Application is Required. Sign up and Get Started now so you can move on to the next course which is so much more exciting!! 

Course 102 Analytical Regression Therapy with Kinesiology and Ideomotor Skills – Yes, prior hypnotherapy training is required. Present a copy of your Certificate of Completion from Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis Course 101, OR any other training session, online course or school in order to enroll in the class. An application is required. This is course is 64 Hours of Pre-Recorded Video Training PLUS Online Class Sessions with the Instructor. A written and physical test (via Zoom, Facetime or Other), will be required in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Course 101 Basic Hypnosis:   Anyone can use this information, especially those who are interested in how to help themselves or others.  You will be taught how you can use this ability to your advantage during your daily life.  

Course 102 “ART” Analytical Regression Therapy with Kinesiology and Ideomotor Signals:  Anyone can use this information but it does take an experienced and trained hypnotherapist to properly learn how to get to events that cause specific problems and find the events that are causing the problems to be eliminated.  

PRE-REQUISITE REQUIRED  to TAKE COURSE #102 Please take Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis Online or DVD Training Course 101 first before applying to take this course. Other certificates of completion are acceptable. It is best if you are familiar with basic hypnosis, and how to perform it.

ANYONE CAN BE THE SUBJECT of this type of hypnosis.  Everyone has the knowledge and ability within their subconscious mind to know how to resolve the feelings and emothions that were never resolved from specific events so they can no longer be bothered by them using “ART”.   

Our course teaches seasoned hypnotherapists how to become even more successful using techniques and wording developed by Dr. Gisella Zukausky in Course #102 “ART”.

Hypnosis has been used for decades.  According to the May Clinic, while hypnosis can be effective in helping people cope with pain, stress and anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy is considered the first line treatment for these conditions. Hypnosis may also be used as part of a comprehensive program for quitting smoking or losing weight.  Thousands of hypnotherapists have a very high success rate.  Each situation is different.  Each hypnotherpist is different.  Each subject or client is different.  Each type of hypnotherapy used is also different.   Dr. Gisella Zukausky has an extremely high success rate teaching others how to perform hypnosis as well as working individually on others in person or remotely.

Yes, attendance is vital.  In addition, you will be required to watch all pre-recorded videos before attending the live interactive classes each week.  I believe in active learning as opposed to a passive student learning experience. This only works if you prepare and come ready to engage an add to the value of the course material/topic. Watch the instructional videos and read the chapters in the book before attending interactive class time for a quality course experience.

One thing to always keep in mind when taking any course is that the others with whom you interact throughout the semester – including me, your instructor – are human beings. The first rule of netiquette is to “remember the human” when you are communicating with me or with your peers. The second rule is to “adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life.”  It’s not likely that you would yell at, mock, or belittle another student in a face to face class so don’t do it here.  The feeling of anonymity that some people have when they are online can lead to those sorts of behaviors but they are not acceptable here or in any other online class.

Please take a few minutes and review all the Core Rules of Netiquette

This course is divided into Days/Weeks, as listed in the Modules tool. Each class will include:

    1. material for you to read, watch, and explore;
    2. a practice activity, and
    3. a graded assignment to allow you to work with the concepts and resources (sometimes individually, sometimes together).

I will provide you with feedback on each of the assignments during interactive practice time. Everyone listens to everyone’s feedback in order to get the most out of the suggestions and tips provided.

Our class has been divided into modules by topic. This is where you will find information for the class, such as learning materials, required videos to watch BEFORE CLASS, assignments, activities, script practice, quizzes, and so on. If you want to know what we will be doing for each week, this is where you want to go.

In addition, it is expected that you use modules regularly and in a *sequential* fashion, meaning that you should start with the first page of the module (usually the overview page) and go through each page in order. Some of your assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc. rely on you having gone through the content in the module prior to completing them.

Class is mandatory in order to succeed. Contact your instructor if you are unable to attend.

100% Refund if you cancel before the class begins. If you have ordered and received your shipment of DVD’s and materials and have them in your possession you will receive a 50% refund.

Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind

I've Developed a Technique I call "ART".
Analytical Regression Therapy
Using Kinesiology and Ideomotor Signals
Both Verbal and Non-Verbal

who is dr. gisella zukausky, DCH, BS., c.Ht., Ct.H.A

Dr. Zukausky has a doctorate in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis from the “American Institute of Hypnotherapy in California (1991), a bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. John’s Institute in Louisiana (1986), and she is an ordained minister. Dr. Zukausky has a lifetime membership with the “International Association of Counselors and Therapists/ International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

She is an independent teaching contractor and consultant in the United States and has taught in the Philippines and India. She is often asked to be a guest lecturer at colleges and universities in the Fort Wayne area, as well as abroad. She taught classes, and corporate seminars, and consultation courses in Self-Hypnosis, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, and Goal Motivation.

Dr. Zukausky has been asked to speak and teach at professional conferences. She has written and published books on hypnosis that have been used as teaching manuals internationally. She has studied Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) from the Inner Mind Development Institute in Manila, Philippines, which she taught internationally. Dr. Zukausky has written a book on how to do what she teaches in her ESP class.  Gisella was on the faculty at St John’s Institute, Springfield, LA. She taught Hypno-Anesthesia, Pain Management, Glove Anesthesia, and other courses. <br>Zukausky had a television series on the local access channel (Channel 10 in Fort Wayne, IN). The program was called “Hypnosis for Quality Living”. 

She is the Instructor, Founder and Director of the Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis, and the Hypnotherapy Association of Indiana.  Zukausky has been in private practice since April 1986 and has taught internationally since 1991. She has been interviewed for television and radio programs internationally.  A large ABC affiliate TV station recently did a 3-week series on Dr. Zukausky to help one of their Sports Reporters stop smoking.  Dirk Rowley with Magic 95.1fm radio was helped improve his golf game with one session by Dr. Zukausky.  She has been interviewed several times by DJ Dave on radio 96.3.  Zukausky has been interviewed for a few magazines, and newspaper articles in this country as well as abroad.                             

American Directory of “Who’s Who in Executives & Businesses” approved Dr. Zukausky for inclusion since their 1998-1999 edition. The office of the Executive Director has confirmed Dr. Gisella Zukausky as a biographical listee and a member and has also been qualified for inclusion in the 2007 edition of “United Who’s Who Registry” of Executives and Professionals. Avery Publications lists Dr. Zukausky’s institute, Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis, in their book, “Planning Your Career in Alternative Medicine”, since their first edition. The International Hypnosis Hall of Fame Convention nominated Zukausky for “Woman of The Year Award” for 1998 and again in 1999. She is a life member of the International Association for Counselors and Therapists.

Housed within the Ronald Reagan Republican Center in Washington D.C. the National Republican Senatorial Committee Honor Roll is as an enduring symbol of her commitment to “Preserving the ideals of freedom and liberty for all”.  The NRC Business Advisory Council has named Gisella Zukausky 2003 “Businesswoman of the Year for Indiana”. In 2004 Gisella was selected to represent Indiana on the new Presidential Business Commission. and is an honorary chairman of the party’s Business Advisory Council.

Zukausky was nominated “Woman of The Year – 2005” to the American Biographical Institute by its worldwide research Board of over ten thousand members for inclusion in “The International Directory of Experts and Expertise.”  She has been nominated for 2008 Commemorative Medal by the Woman of the Year Board of International Research for her dedication toward her profession and the notable example she has set for her peers and community by the American Biographical Institute.

more from dr. gisella zukausky

Dr. Gisella Zukausky teaches her knowledge in a comprehensive guide that examines the human mind’s functions. Feelings and emotions are stored in the subconscious.  Using Hypnosis gets faster, better results because the patient is more suggestible than in a conscious state.  The subconscious mind can with advanced training be directed to what causes the problem and then resolved faster than other therapy.   “Our subconscious mind is where the feelings and emotions are store.  Not in our conscious mind that we think and reason with.”

Everything about us, good and bad, is caused by what has happened in the past of our life.

It is important to remember that all our feelings and emotions are stored in our subconscious mind, not our conscious thinking mind. Our conscious mind does all our thinking and reasoning.

The subconscious mind is like a computer that stores only the feelings and emotions.  I have a technique that I teach all my clients to be able to rid themselves of any bad feelings or emotions no matter how traumatic it is. Most of the time it is completed in a minute or less.  The most traumatic incidents take upwards of 30 minutes to be rid of the feelings or emotions.  It is truly amazing how it works.

This is very important to understand to get the results that we are after. Such as using the power of positive thinking. Whatever you focus on correctly, will eventually come to pass. I teach my students how to teach their clients how to visualize any pain they have, how to visualize or imagine the pain going away, and a focus only on that till it does.  That is accomplished in a minute or maybe a little more.  Also, what to keep saying to themselves to heal and get better.  Of course, regression therapy needs to be done to get permanent results at the same time. Visualizing the healing causes the healing with regression therapy to happen faster. 

I also teach you to hypnotize people in a deeper state of relaxation to create anesthesia for surgery or dental work. I also teach students / clients how to do this for themselves. Anyone can be taught self-hypnosis.  I also can teach you how to teach your clients to be able to numb their hand and transfer that numbness to any part of their body or face, whatever it is they want to make numb, so they feel no pain.

Caution must be used in case it’s a pain that you don’t understand what’s causing it so you don’t delay seeing a doctor. I have been asked to use anesthesia in the hospital on a woman that wanted me to hypnotize her to have a cesarean childbirth.  Another woman asked me to use anesthesia on her in the hospital before her cancer surgery, because she was allergic to regular anesthesia.  After the operation she had difficulty sleeping. Again, because she was allergic to any sleeping medication.   Her mother called me late at night, and over the phone I hypnotized her and caused her to be able to sleep all night and go back to sleep if she was awake during the night.

People don’t realize how powerful our minds are and what you are truly capable of.  Even most doctors and other professionals don’t realize that this can be done.  I will teach you how to help your clients and how to help yourself using techniques that work very quickly, faster than basic hypnosis. 

These are some of the things that I do for my students and clients in private sessions. I also teach this in my institute, Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis.  We are currently accepting new patients and students.  Feel free to enter your E-Mail address to get on the update list.  Enroll in our classes to get access to our private Facebook group

In my institute, I have developed a technique that gets to the bottom of what causes a problem.  I can teach you how to do this for your clients, family or friends when you enroll in our program.  The client does not have to talk to you and tell you the history of their problems. Our proven techniques get rapid results.

My techniques teach you to get to it in a gentle way, and even to the things that would not normally be revealed under hypnosis.  It is rapid and gentle, with no trauma.

In my institute, I have developed a technique that gets to the bottom of what causes a problem.  I can teach you how to do this for your clients, family or friends when you enroll in our program.  The client does not have to talk to you and tell you the history of their problems. Our proven techniques get rapid results.

My techniques teach you to get to it in a gentle way, and even to the things that would not normally be revealed under hypnosis.  It is rapid and gentle, with no trauma.

Sometimes after trying every other form of therapy, they (clients) came to me as their last resort and we were able to achieve recovery.

I am excited to share my knowledge and information with you and the world.



Your teaching videos course I am taking are great, and I'm learning a lot from them. I received college credits and will get a degree as a Psychiatrist.
L.O. Evans, M.D.
Student of MTIOH
This course in Hypnotherapy gave me tremendous insight into the subconscious mind and how it affects the overall behavior of people. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in working with people and helping them improve their quality of life
Clifford E. Simon, 111, C. Ht.