advanced course 102

changing lives .......... this is

" art "

analytical regression therapy

with Kinesiology and Ideo-Motor Signals

you will understand how to:

Learn how to regress clients back to the incidents causing the problem and resolving the feelings and emotions, totally eliminating it when all is resolved.

The client is aware of what is being said the entire time during regression therapy.

This technique is extremely private as clients never disclose any details.  

This technique will resolve emotions gently and quickly. 

This technique will get faster results.

This will lead to events that are locked inside the subconscious mind that you will not be aware of what happened in the event. However, the feelings and emotions of the event can still be resolved.

Program the client for their subconscious mind to answer with yes and no finger signals.  All questions will be yes/no questions. 

Use Kinesiology with the client being hypnotized or not hypnotized.

Experience no trauma and more gentle as the client is not revealing the incidents.

  • Course can be taken live in the classroom or online
  • 96 Hours of Live Interaction with Dr. Zukausky. 
  •  Pre-Recorded Live Course Sessions for Homework
  • Class Meets Saturday and Sunday for 6 Weeks
  • 9:00 AM  –  6:00 PM (Includes One Hour Lunch)
  • Hands on Training and Practice During Class

This is an intensive 6 week advanced course. You will learn how to apply hypnosis to therapy and how to regress clients with different techniques back to the incidents that caused their problem. You will learn how to get fast lasting results. Course includes demonstrations of applying different techniques to work out and resolve the emotions connected to their problem in a quick and gentle way.  The pre-requisite to take this class is to take our basic course 101 first or show proof of prior hypnotherapy certification, training, or experience from another source on your application, or to read my first book Volume 1 Basic Hypnosis, Using the Full Potential of Your Mind. 

The instructor will demonstrate regression therapy on volunteers during online virtual training sessions.  32 Hours of pre-recorded class sessions are included for mandatory homework. Modules should be viewed prior to attending online class. Expect and immerse yourself into 10 Hours of Video Training and 16 Hours of Live Online Training Each Week. (When correspondence students have watched all videos, read all materials, and all homework has been returned, the student must notify the instructor in writing that they have completed the work). Only when the instructor feels the student is ready can the student then demonstrate that they can do regression therapy. The student is not to do regressions on anyone until the instructor determines that they are qualified to do so during interactive practice therapy sessions.  Students will perform each therapy live or online for the instructor in order to receive the certification. Questions that will be on the final test will be covered in the course. The student may call the Institute whenever they have questions or need information during their correspondence course. With a passing score students will receive a certificate of completion. Students will also learn Kinesiology both verbal and non verbal. The difference when Kinesiology is added to the regression therapy is that it is not done with the client hypnotized. The regression therapy is done with the yes and no muscle testing which is also an Ideomoter signal called Kinesiology.  It is a technique frequently used by Chiropractors. The client’s arm is extended out and after asking a yes and no question the therapist says to the client, “Resist” and then gently pushes down on their wrist with two fingers. If the answer from their subconscious is no the arm will drop down. If it is yes it remains stable. When the source of the problem is found then the non-hypnotic technique is taught how to resolve the feelings and emotions. This is a good technique to use when individuals may have a problem with hypnosis. It is again a gentle and quick form of therapy. The client is not traumatized since they do not consciously know what the subconscious has regressed to.  When learning ideo-motor signals, a series of yes and no questions are asked.  The client answers with yes and no finger signals that are given by their subconscious mind. This type of therapy leads to events that are locked into the subconscious and not revealed to the conscious mind.  This would have not been possible with the usual type of therapy where the client must know what they have regressed to and verbally tell the therapist what is happening. This technique is private since the client does not disclose verbally the details of the regressions. Since the majority of the time the client is unaware of the details of the incidents there is no trauma.  Analytical hypnotherapy will enable you to get results you may not have been able to accomplish otherwise in about one-half the time. Hands-on training will take place during 18 interactive sessions 3 times a week for 6 weeks.  Attendance is important for you to experience the different types of hypnosis as well as perform each type to practice and prepare for the exam. 

People talking this course are mental health counselors, specialists and professionals who aspire to be specially trained in these techniques.   At the present time, there are no state laws regarding hypnosis.  People who are interested in self-help and helping others, or professional therapists and doctors enroll.

Who Enrolls in this class?

  • Aspiring Hypnotists
  • Hypnotherapists presently practicing or learning to become Hypnotists 
  • Hypnotherapists interested in the most modern and unpublished  techniques
  • Professional Counselors 
  • Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Teachers
  • Mental Health Professionals 
  •  Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Specialists
  • Counselors 
  • Chiropractors
  • Other


this advanced course requires a pre-requisite (basic hypnosis certificate)

Analytical Regression therapy
using kinesiology and ideo-motor signals

  • 54 Hours of Live Instruction and Live Supervised Practice Over Zoom 

  • 64 Hours of Pre-Recorded DVD Instruction of Live Classes 

  • Written and Oral Testing, Hypnosis Scripts  

  • Professional Instruction by a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist

  • Certificate of Completion 

These classes are primarily taught to meet the requirements for certification to many hypnosis associations in this country and abroad.  The class size is limited to ensure maximum individual attention from the instructor.

WHAT'S COVERED IN COURSE #102 "ART" Advanced Analytical Regression Therapy with Kinesiology and Ideo-Motor Signals

  • Parts Therapy
  • Subconscious Mind and Inner Wisdom
  • Imagery and Resolution 
  • Yes and No Ideo-Motor Signals 
  • Things to Be Careful Of
  • Tests for Hypnosis
  • Waking Hypnosis
  • Waking Suggestions
  •  If They Don’t Remember the Events 
  • Analysis
  • Encountering Negative Energy
  • Induction Plus Somnambulism and Esdaile State
  • Deepening and Different Depths of Hypnosis
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions and Therapy
  • What to Regress for Weight Reduction
  • Subconscious Purging
  • Fundamentals
  • Unpublished Scripts
  • Script for Hearing Impaired
  • What Caused This?
  • Emerging Clients Out of Hypnosis
  • Explaining Prayer of Protection 
  • Ethical Conduct and Procedures 
  • Avoiding False Memory Syndrome
  • Filling Out the Intake Form 
  • Kinesiology
  • Analytical Regression Therapy
  • Resolve Emotions from Incidents in Their Past 
  • God, Higher Self, Universe, Higher Consciousness  
  • And More


what else is covered ?

  1. Definitions and Helpful Information
  2. How to Test Someone if They Are In Balance
  3. How to Know if There is Negativity or Interference
  4. Inductions Plus Somnambulism and Esdaile Coma State
  5. Deepening and Different Depths of Hypnosis
  6. Regression Therapy
  7. Hypno-Therapy
  8. Subconscious Purging
  9. Organic Diseases
  10. Compulsive “Habits”
  11. Overeating
  12. Phobias
  13. And More
  14. Fundamentals
  15. What Caused This?
  16. How to Program Client to Use Ideomoter  Signals With Yes and No Finger Signals
  17. Kineseology Arm Muscle Testing
  18. Regression Therapy With Ideomoter Signals
  19. How To Know If There Is Negativity Or Interference
  20. How to Purge Negativity
  21. How to Overcome Weak Signals
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