medical hypnosis

class objectives


Glove Anesthesia

Pain Control

Improved Health / Imagery

Painless Childbirth

Painless Dental Work

You will learn how to use hypnosis for anesthesia for operations, dental procedures and painless childbirth. You will learn how to program the client to be able to numb a hand and transfer the numbness to any part of their body.  After you teach them this technique, they will be able to do this without having to put themselves into a state of hypnosis.  This is especially great for dental work and childbirth.  Individuals completing these intensive practical classes will develop the ability to use hypnosis techniques effectively and with confidence.   You will learn how to teach clients to eliminate or lessen chronic pain, improve health and achieve healing more rapidly with the power of their own mind.  This is an adjunct to the help people are getting from their doctor so they will get faster results.  Videotapes of operations with hypnosis will be used and the use of hyhpnosis for pain control and rapid healing for patients will be shown.  Each student will learn through lectures, demonstrations, the applications of the many methods of hypnosis.  Students will participate both as a participant and hypnotist.  

Learn how to achieve the depth of hypnosis for anesthesia in operations, painless dental work and how to teach expectent mothers painless childbirth, specialists and professionals who aspire to be trained in pain relief techniques.  Basically anyone who enjoys helping others relieve pain, people like teachers, dental  hygenists, counselors, moms, dads, nurses, friends, & those who in general who find satisfaction helping others see results, and those with an avid interest in the field of hypnosis enroll.

who can take this course?

Aspiring Hypnotists

Hypnotherapists presently practicing or learning to become Hypnotists 

Hypnotherapists interested in the most modern and unpublished  techniques

Professional Counselors 





Nurse Practitioners


Mental Health Professionals 


Dental Hygienists





Often mental health counselors, specialists and professionals who aspire to be specially trained in these techniques.  Basically anyone who enjoys helping others, and those who find satisfaction helping others see results.

previous hypnosis training is not a pre-requisite but helpful

medical hypnosis #103

  • 16 Hours of Pre-Recorded DVD Instruction of Live Classes 

  • Written and Oral Testing, Hypnosis Scripts  

  • Professional Instruction by a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist

  • Certificate of Completion

These classes are primarily taught to meet the requirements for certification to many hypnosis associations in this country and abroad.  The class size is limited to ensure maximum individual attention from the instructor.


Definitions and Helpful Information

Dangers of Hypnosis

Things to be Careful of

Waking Hypnosis

Inductions Plus Somnambulism and Esdaile Coma State

Deepening and Different Depths of Hypnosis

Tests for Depths of Hypnosis

Subconscious Purging

Organic Diseases

Post Hypnotic Suggestions Specifically for Rapid Healing and Improved Health

Formulating Proper Suggestions for Positive Results

Teaching Patient Self-Imagery and Auto-Suggestions to Promote Health and Reduce Pain


Glove Anesthesia

Pain Control

Improved Health / Imagery

Painless Childbirth

Painless Dental Work

Numb a Hand and Then Transfer the Numbness to Any Part of Your Body

Effectively and Confidently Learn and Teach These Techniques to Others

Eliminate or Lessen Chronic Pain of Others and Yourself

Improve Health and Achieve Healing More Rapidly With the Power of Their Own Mind


MEDICAL Hypnosis course agenda

  1. View Demonstrations of Different Induction Techniques for Somnambulism and Esdaile Coma State, to Achieve Anesthesia  
  2. Students Practice on Each Other 
  3. View Video and Do Therapy on Volunteer Subjects Teaching Imagery and Self Auto-Suggestion
  4. Students Practice
  5. Demonstration Program with Proper Suggestions for Rapid Healing and Improved Health
  6. Students Practice
  7. Demonstration of Glove Anesthesia
  8. Students Practice
  9. Demonstration:  What to Do if a Client Has Difficulty Responding
  10. Hypnosis for Painless Childbirth
  11. Teaching patient to hypnotize himself or herself for Anesthesia for Pain Control, Surgery and Dental Work
  12. Student Practice

Final Test

Students must be able to demonstrate each procedure in person or over interactive virtual online sessions.

A written examination will be given on the last day.  To receive a Certificate of Completion, the student MUST receive a minimum passing score of 70% on the examination. 

To get a certificate of completion the student:  must achieve 80% completion of academic homework, have a final test score of 70%, be able to demonstrate live (in-person or virtually), that they have learned all the techniques and complete payment.

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